Advantages of outsourcing your payroll

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Advantages of outsourcing your payroll

November 29, 2012

Business owners and managers are starting to realise that it makes commercial sense to contract our some of their business processes. Payroll is an area of most businesses that is ideally suited to this because it is an area that most businesses struggle with and can usually be more efficiently and effectively handled by a specialist payroll intermediary service.

Some advantages of outsourcing your payroll to a cloud based payroll bureau service include:

    • Valuable internal resources are freed to perform other functions
    • No more expensive specialised software purchases and upgrades
    • No need to worry that payroll wont go out on time
    • Your payroll is still run efficiently during the holiday season
    • Accurate payroll financial information produced for periodic and annual accounts
    • No need to file IRD payroll returns, its all taken care of for you
    • Usually costs you less outsourcing than doing it yourself/employing extra in-house staff
    • Access your payroll data any time from anywhere with a secure online login
    • Provides disaster recovery as back-up of payroll information is kept off the premises
    • Payroll function overseen by qualified, experienced staff


New Zealand payroll intermediary service

Once you have made the decision to outsource, you then need to choose a supplier. Most New Zealanders are wary of using large overseas based corporates and get very frustrated with offshore based call centers. The good news is that FlexiPayroll is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Unlike many other payroll intermediaries the  system we use, Flexitime,  is also a Kiwi company based in Wellington. So show support for the NZ economy by keeping it local!

We would like to handle your payroll for you – give us a call 0800 88 70 70 to set up a demo

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