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Advantages of outsourcing your payroll

November 29, 2012

Business owners and managers are starting to realise that it makes commercial sense to contract our some of their business processes. Payroll is an area of most businesses that is ideally suited to this because it is an area that most businesses struggle with and can usually be more efficiently…

Holidays and other leave Entitlements

August 15, 2012

It is the employers responsibility to keep track of all staffs holidays and other leave entitlements. This proves a challenge form some employers many of whom use manual diary systems or struggle with complicated payroll software.

My Story

June 5, 2012

Why  FlexiPayroll I learned a lot running my own business for the last 10 years. Like many small to medium sized business owners I started out by doing everything myself…hiring and training staff, dealing with customers, designing and implementing policies and procedures, IT, web design, marketing and of course accounting…