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Human Resource & Recruitment Solutions
People Passion offers a friendly and unique Human Resource Solution. We work alongside you and your team to customise a Human Resource or Recruitment package to immediately make a difference. People Passion is the ideal Business Support. When hiring a full time HR person is out of the question, but the skills are needed – simply outsource it to People Passion.
Recruitment Advice, Support and Consulting
Talent Seed is not a recruitment agency, we support and advise you to recruit and grow your own internal expertise. We help companies reach better hiring decisions through making recruitment expertise accessible to every organisation no matter its size.  Gain tailored, industry specific recruitment tools for either a one off hire or your entire recruitment process.   Get support to either carry out hiring yourself or outsource specific parts of the process.  Save time and money while developing ongoing recruiting know-how.Talent Seed help business owners hire better people more easily at a fraction of the cost.
Recruiting Software  giving you everything you need to make the right hiring decisions fast and easy.
Manage your entire hiring process from one clean, simple, and totally mobile hub. Everything you need to make the right hiring decisions fast and easy, recruiting info on one screen.  All the information you need in one place, no fuss, no stress - simple, easy to use software to recruit great staff. You can automate so much of your hiring process without being a rocket scientist.

Transform the way you manage HR
  • A central accessible tool that manages records of your staff/contractors with template contracts, training and qualifications tracking and reporting
  • The ability to manage each stage of employee lifecycle including: hiring, induction, performance and termination checklists and workflows
  • Comprehensive company policies
  • Integrated WHS management to meet employer obligations