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Tax Toolbox – Great App!

June 15, 2012

Just wanted to share a great App I downloaded today for my iPhone – the Taxtoolbox. It calculatates New Zealand GST, income tax etc but what I really like is the PAYE calculator. Of course as a Flexipayroll client we take care of all your employer calculations so you dont have to worry about it, but there are times when you may need to workout PAYE and other deductions on the go.

For example I was doing an employee review the other day and decided to increase this particular staff members salary by 4% per annum. Of course her first question was how much more she would be paid in dollars (which I needed a calculater to find out) and the second question was how much would she recieve after PAYE and student loan deductions. If I had the Taxtoolbox I could have done the calculation instantly, but instead had to go away and find out and email her later.

Apps are a fantastic way of accessing data or doing calculations instantly and many are changing the way we do business. It seems there is an App fro everything these days….

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