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Xero is arguably the most user friendly accounting package on the market, some of the main benefits of Xero are that it is:

  1. Easy to use even for a non accountant or someone who is not technologically inclined.
  2. Cloud based which means you can access it any time from anywhere.
  3. Affordable with fixed monthly charges and no expensive software purchases and upgrades.

One of the reasons Xero works so well is that they have stuck to their core business of delivering an excellent accounting platform and not tried to be everything to everybody as many other systems out there do. This means that in order to get the full benefit Xero businesses need to get Xero “add ons” to take care of the other areas of their business one of which is payroll.

Payroll processing is not included as part of the standard Xero platform however this is an integral function for all small medium and large businesses. Flexipayroll have partnered with FlexiTime to offer a total payroll solution which integrates seamlessley with Xero. The FlexiTime package has been designed to work specifically with Xero and together they create a powerful system for small businesses to manage employee time and accounts.

Having two systems, one for accounts (Xero) and one for payroll (Flexipayroll) may sound complicated but this is not the case at all. The two systems integrate seamlessly and our staff have significant expertise in using Xero and can help get you set up and ensure everything is running smoothly. Plus we offer free ongoing training and support!

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